Communal Information Newspaper

Batie Local community issues it's own newspaper publication exclusively covering Batie Municipality Area. Communal Information Newspaper shows community members what is going on in the community. Our publication provides information about festivals, local businesses, charities, properties for sale in the area,upcoming sales, and municipal council decisions that affect society. Overall, community newspapers provide community members with information that will inform and impact them on a daily basis.

Communal Information Newspaper of Batie is a forum for many different things, including charities, local events, initiatives, incentives etc. For example, if a community member is eager to start and gather a group of locals together to create a community garden, the Communal Information Newspaper will be a medium for other people to see his idea, and eventually, join the project.

Community Newspapers is not like national papers, because the information provided there isn’t focused on our community. Communal Information Newspaper of Batie is a medium that community members can read regularly in order to find out whats going on in their area. Reading community newspapers Communal Information Newspaper binds people of Batie together and develops community consciousness.

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