Associations in Batie

These organizations are a nonprofits and together with their partners they are working to help children, families, and communities throughout Cameroon and Africa.

They are all dedicated to solving the complex and inter-related challenges. Our friendly communities realize that, as effective as they each are on their own, they can be even more powerful when they approach Africa’s issues as a group.

All of these organizations, with their partners on the ground in Africa, touch almost every aspect of the African community. Whether they are collecting and distributing books to school children, introducing medical strategies to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS, or identifying and supporting women’s micro-enterprise projects, our friendly associations strive to help the people of Cameroon solve critical problems and build a better future for their children and communities.

Ensuring the peace, security and stability


The Conseil de l'Entente ("Council of Accord" or "Council of Understanding") is a West African regional co-operation forum. It promotes a closer political and cultural integration among the member states, on the basis of fraternity and solidarity as well as to promote subregional economic integration and the well-being of the people.

Understanding and unity


CEPAA (French: Conseil des Ex Présidents et Adhérents Actifs de l'AJES Batie) is a working group of more senior members of the Youth Group, AJES, who have amongst other objectives, guidance to youths, students as well as the engage with the professional world. They also contribute to the developement of Batie through their various activities.

Projects in medicine, agriculture, ecology

ABA 30

ABA 30 supports Development cooperation projects at Cameroon universities by promoting institutional capacity building and research, thus fostering rural development and consequently improving the living conditions of the region. Our focus is given to projects in health/medicine, agriculture, ecology and humanitarian aid.

Throughout the Country


KEGOUON is a leading international development charity with an expertise in small-scale farming and growing family-farm businesses. We are motivated by injustice, by our expertise in small-scale agriculture and family-farm business, and the opportunity we have to help small farmers change the lives of their families.

Better understanding of Youth


AJES is the Youth wing of the Batie community associations, has predominantly students some of whom are attending high school, university or are learning a trade. The meetings encourages youths to meet and share ideas that are common challenges to all.

It also an opportunity for senior Batie professionals to come give lectures on the attitude, approach and expectations in life so they are better prepared.