Batie Convention Center

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Batie Convention Center

In 2019 the city management stated that the city centre of Batie should be reconstructed in order to make it more urban, but also more pleasant place where people will enjoy spending their time.

Batie Convention Centre is envisioned as a place in the heart of the town for bussines summits, conferences, symposiums, film festivals, art exhibitions and all the happenings of public importance.

This complete renovation is conceived to reinvigorates our city core, while preserving the essential character of the landmark buildings. Foyer’s original fabric has been carefully selected and combining modern and traditional architechtural approach, the appearance will be astonishing.

Home for New Art

The juxtaposition of the new and the old and the message it sends – this buildings can provide appropriate homes for new art – perfectly express our belief in the power and importance of these landmark buildings in our cultural landscape.

Intense preparation and design work are required in order to begin construction on the new Convention Centre. Great care was taken in the designs to incorporate the traditional architectural style.

Despite dealing with incredibly challenging conditions, we hope that the work for this high-profile project will be completed on schedule, with a high-level of interest and gratitude from the local community. This way of conducting projects has become the inevitable requirement of economic development. - says one of the project managers.

Batie Convention Center is planned to be composed of a great number of different functional spaces - conference halls, offices, parks, galleries and restaurants. It is going to be a complex building which is product of traditional morphology evolution during the rapid process of modernization and urbanization. A term used to describe integrated developments in urban communities - where people spend their time, work, enjoy in the pieces of art - Foyer is intended to be an important piece in Batie's urbanization puzzle. It combines urban activities such as office, residence, business, catering, conference, entertainment and so on in an organic way, and forms a complex of multifunction and high efficiency.


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