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Community Development Projects

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Améliorer les Méthodes d'Enseignement

5ème édition de la journée de l'excellence scolaire et académique organisée par la communauté Batie de Douala. Événement devenu traditionnel dans cette communauté et baptisé "Loug'ngap ", vi...

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Batie Convention Center

In 2019 the city management stated that the city centre of Batie should be reconstructed in order to make it more urban, but also more pleasant place where people will enjoy spending their time. <d...

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Centre Médical de Soboum à Douala

Sous l'égide de L'Association LUTOMA, Dr. Léon Fodzo, une mission chirurgicale française conduite par Dr. Eric Fodzo, a séjourné à Douala du 15 au 22 Septembre 2019. Elle a fait des consultat...


Metchieh 2021 Convocation

Sa Majesté TCHOUAINKAM DADA THEODORE, Chef Supérieur du Groupement Batié, porte à la connaissance du public que la d...

Election du bureau AEDEBA Octo...

Élection pour le renouvellement des membres du bureau de la section AEDEBA DOUALA. Date: Dimanche 10 octobre 2021 lo...

What is AEDEBA All About?

The intellectual and economic leaders of Batié decided to work together in order to find the ways and means for a harmonious development of Batié. In accordance with the law n ° 90-53 of December 19th, 1990 relating to the freedom of association, a non-political nonprofit association called "ASSOCIATION OF ELITE FOR THE SUPPORT TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF BATIE" (french: “ASSOCIATION DES ÉLITES POUR L’APPUI AU DÉVELOPPEMENT DE BATIE” abbreviated "AEADEBA") is created.

Considering the resolution adopted at the Congress of May 26, 2018 setting new directions for its actions, the AEDEBA now deviate the Association of Elites for Development Support Batié (french: “l'Association des Elites pour l’Appui au Développement de Batié ” abbreviated "AEDEBA).


The general objective of AEDEBA is to seek the well-being of its members and all Batié.

The specific objectives of AEDEBA are:

- Promote mutual assistance (moral and material) among its members;

- Provide multiform support to the development of the commune of Batié;

- Design and propose development projects to the local community of Batié;

- Support the search for financing of the projects contained in the Batié Communal Development Plan;

- Participate in the socio-cultural life of the Batié group;

- Contribute to school supervision and socio-professional integration of young people.


AEDEBA strives to achieve it's objectives by:

● The material, financial and intellectual contributions of members,

● Meetings of its members for debates of ideas,

● Creation of development frameworks for its members,

● Investments in Batié or elsewhere,

● The setting up of a communication support,

● Collaboration with any association pursuing similar goals.

The methods of collaboration are defined by the General Rules of Procedure (RIG) or by specific texts.


To AEDEBA may join anyone with Batié origin, by marriage or by adoption, having a school level at least equivalent to the Bachelor, exercising an activity generating income and who subscribes to the present statutes and satisfies the conditions of admission defined in the rules of procedure (RIG).

Membership Category

AEDEBA is composed of three categories of members, namely active members, honorary members and emeritus members.

1. An active member is any natural person who fulfills the conditions of article 5 of these statutes.

2. The category of honorary members and their attributions are defined by the RIG.

3. An emeritus member is any active member no longer having the physical and/or financial capacities allowing him to fulfill his associative burdens, having regularly and continuously campaigned within the AEDEBA for at least 20 years and having solicited and acquired this quality.

Request for Admission as Emeritus member of AEDEBA Cameroon


The resources of AEDEBA consist of:

● contributions from members in accordance with the RIG;

● products of its activities and properties;

● resources created on an exceptional basis and not prohibited by the laws and regulations;

● products related to resource management.

AEDEBA Sections in Cameroon

Batié District
AEDEBA's Headquarters

The AEDEBA headquarters are located in the Batié district, Highlands Department, Western Province. Most of the important functions of an organization are coordinated here. AEDEBA's Headquarters represents the entity at the top of the organization taking full responsibility for managing all activities.

Highest Authority
The Congress

The Congress is the highest authority of AEDEBA. It brings together all the members or delegates of the different sections. It is held every five years in order to decide on the general policy orientations of AEDEBA, approve the activity report and the financial statement for the past period, elect the National Executive Bureau, if necessary modify the statutes and the RIG of AEDEBA and adopt the budget of the Bureau Directeur and BEN.

Operational Decisions
The Bureau Director Board

The Bureau Director Board (Le Bureau Directeur abbr. BD) is composed of the members of the National Executive Bureau, the presidents and the general secretaries of the sections. It can be expanded to some members when needed. He follows up the resolutions of the congress.

Implementation and Management
The National Executive Bureau

The National Executive Bureau (Le Bureau Exécutif National abbr. BEN) is the implementation and management body of the association at national level. In this capacity, he is responsible for execution the decisions of the Congress, the coordination of the activities of the sections and ensuring compliance with the statutes and general rules of procedure.

The section brings together AEDEBA members residing in a geographical area defined by the congress. They operate according to their rules of procedure elaborated on the basis of the statutes and the RIG of AEDEBA

Special bodies and ad hoc and permanent committees may be created by the congress or the BD for specific tasks. The modalities of creation and functioning of special bodies and commissions are explained in the RIG.

All functions within AEDEBA are voluntary. However, costs incurred with the BE's authorization are borne by the latter.

General Rules of Procedure (RIG) lay down the detailed rules for applying the present statutes.

Amendment of the statutes:

1. The statutes of the AEDEBA may be amended by the Congress in accordance with the RIG.

2. Amendments to the adopted statutes enter into force upon approval by the competent administrative authority. The conditions for modifying and adopting the statutes are specified by the RIG.

Members of AEDEBA

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His Royal Highness

Tchouainkam Dada Théodore

1st Class Chief of Batié

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Henri Wambe

National President Cameroon

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Zeugang Jean Paul

Général Secretary

Section AEDEBA, Region du Littoral, Douala

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Tchemeube Thomas


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Mte Youmbi Charles Constant

Vice Président

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Takamgang Emmanuel

Secrétaire Général

Section AEDEBA, Region du Centre, Yaounde

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Tamo Michel


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Bene Henock

Vice Président

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Kamgang Norbert

Secrétaire Général

Section AEDEBA, Region du Ouest, Bafoussam

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Nzeutem Michel


Kamogni Abraham

Vice Président

Youdom Jean Claude

Secrétaire Général